The Black Box Theater at Green Street Studios 

Green Street Studios hosts dance and theater performances in its stunning Studio 1 Black Box Theater, popular with artists all over Boston as a quiet, intimate venue.


The theater is available to rent for dance, theater and artistic productions of all styles. 

Theater Features

  • Individual riser seating for 100 audience members, plus space for 60 more.

  • Clear visibility to the stage for every audience member. No obstructed views or 'bad seats' in the house.

  • Legs and a traveler curtain to provide offstage space.

  • Full use of an additional studio for backstage/dressing rooms/warming up.

  • Full theatrical lighting system with overhead battens and a large inventory. Use of GSS' professional light board is included with theater rentals.

  • Full theatrical sound system with monitors, mains, and a baby grand piano.

  • HD projector with white projection surface.

  • A GSS House Manager is present at every show to assist and ensure productions run seamlessly.

Our dedicated Theater Manager provides guidance and support from booking through production. Contact us with questions, reservation inquires, or to set up a tour of the Black Box Theater. 

Due to the unique nature of each production, custom pricing is prepared following initial conversations about your production. 

Dopplegänger Dance Collective & Warhol Ensemble | GSS Residency 2018

Green Street Studios is a non profit organization that exists thanks to the generosity of volunteers and financial supporters.


Join us to ensure GSS to thrives for another 30 years!