GSS Sponsored Classes

Open to dancers and movement practioners with a mature and experienced approach to learning movement forms. The programming will move at an advanced pace in concept and form, and the programming schedule intends to reflect a classic professional model of morning class followed by rehearsal time which precedes evening shows.


GSS professional programming offers classes in a range of dance genres throughout the year, as well as periodic workshops concentrating on specific styles of dance or dance-related bodywork. This is a resource for independent artist-practitioner-researchers and is not exclusively associated with any company or organizational entity. GSS maintains a commitment to provide the highest level of on-going training and performance opportunities to a highly diverse range of professionals.


GSS professional programming maintains a roster of local resident educators as well as a rotating list of guest-artists. This provides a mix of local and international professionals who offer a wide variety of styles and connect Boston to the opportunities, innovations, and trends of the global dance world. 

Winter Class Schedule