Happy Birthday to you... and you, and you.

Join us in The Blackbox Theater at Green Street Studios for a Birthday Party unlike any other.

Cupcakes, slide whistles, glockenspiels, teacups, a ladder, gnomes, potatoes, yarn, and sprinkles will live side-by-side in choreographer Molly Hess’ chaotic and non-linear landscapes which make up A Walking Birthday, December 14 & 15th at 8PM.

Molly Hess Walks and Eats a Cupcake

This collaboratively created evening of dance and music examines identity, community, and relationships with sincerity but not too much seriousness. Throughout the evening the audience will be given authorship and invited to create and play along with the performers. A collage of sounds, smells, sights, and ideas will be offered as a celebration, a treasure hunt, and a dance party.

A Waking Birthday will feature dancers Mary Teuscher, Eliza Malecki, Rajita Menon, Frances Idlebrook, Jenna Pollack as well as music by local artists Hoonah, Shy Sprinkles, and The Rock and Roll DreamersAlso Featuring Cupcakes by Elmendorf Baking Supplies and Cafe.

This is your last chance to see the work of acclaimed choreographer and creator Molly Hess before she moves her home base from Boston to New York City. Please join us to enjoy this magical experience and send her off on this next chapter with a party.

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