GSS Concerts: Ballet - The reviews are in!

"Green Street Studios hosted a diverse ballet showcase and discussion to broaden audiences’ exposure to the art form...I applaud Green Street Studios for curating intelligent conversation on the arts and hosting many opportunities to practice the arts, as well."

- Mary Hierholzer, The Boston Dance Journal

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"Styles of dance, classical to modern to postmodern, do not have to be either. Memoria y Vidrio, along with other commendable works in this program, proved that to be true. They can interweave, walk side by side, and be in dialogue. It can all be part of the crucial observation and commentary that art can offer us. In a time when the values diversity and unity sometimes seem at odds, when we sometimes struggle to reconcile divergence and convergence, let us remember – as this program illustrated – that they can indeed be as one."

- Kathryn Boyd, Dance Informa

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