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Sponsored by the James K. Spriggs Foundation

Green Street Studios has so many wonderful artists and companies in rehearsal. Sadly, our busy lives rarely offer us a chance to meet, observe, learn and grow with one another. After a wonderful trial run, open rehearsal with Kevin Jenkins and his beautiful company last year, we have continued this series regularly, and would like to keep going!

GSS will begin a mini-residency and open rehearsal program on Fridays at 2:00pm. Preference will be given to artists and companies rehearsing at Green Street on a regular basis, however all submissions will be considered.


Companies/Artists will receive 2-3 hour rehearsal block that must include a 30-45 minute public showing to take place on a Friday at 2:00pm. The showing will take place in one of GSS’ beautiful studios, followed by snacks and the possibility for conversation and feedback. The showing should be intended for diverse audiences. We look forward to seeing the breadth of dance research that is taking place at GSS. In an effort to continue to build current and future audiences for the arts, we are very interested in supporting showings that are specifically intended for family audience groups. We are also happy to assist in organizing such a performance. GSS will provide snacks post showing.

We will begin with modest intentions: to simply share and connect. We foresee many wonderful opportunities for collaborations and conversations about how our creative processes are the same or different, what that means, what that does not mean, and possibilities for future growth and development!

As we continue to know one another, we look forward to this program growing. Providing a regular and reliable spot for us all to connect and to invite new friends to experience Boston dance and GSS with a mix of more formal mid-day showings and opportunities for cross-disciplinary investigation and discussion. What happens when flamenco and hip-hop meet? How can we introduce our forms to kids? We are thrilled to curate a space and time in which ideas can be presented, shared, and explored together through performance, conversation, and a little bit of dreaming!

How to Participate:

If you are interested in showing work, please send an email with the subject line "Fridays at Two" to Molly ( with the following information:

1. Include a short introduction of you, your company, and your relationship to GSS — with links to your website, bio, and any online representation of your work.

2. Please include one paragraph about

  1. Why you love GSS.

  2. How you have left your mark on GSS over its 25 years — i.e. we want to hear it all down to the glorious toilet cleaning staff!

  3. How you intend to contribute to GSS’ revitalization over the coming year — i.e. by continuing to clean toilets as a workstudy!

3. Tell us about what you would like to show/share and if it might be family specific (or at least note if it is or is not family friendly).

4. Tell us the Friday dates after June 1 that you are available.

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