Rental Instructions and Policies 
Requesting a Studio
Green Street Studios uses Mind Body Online (MBO), an online scheduling platform, to book rentals of Studio 1, 2, and 3. You must have an active MBO account for GSS to rent space.
  • Create your MBO account and save a valid payment card.

  • Visit the “Rentals” tab and select the date, time, and studio.

  • Indicate how you would like to use the studio (rehearsals, classes, private lessons) and submit your request. Reservations open 60 days in advance.   

  • Most requests are approved or denied within 2-3 business days. You will receive an email notifying you when your request has been approved or denied.

    • Requests are approved on a first-come-first-serve basis. We try not to deny requests. If your request is denied, it is usually because another artist submitted a request before you.   

    • If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your account settings to make sure you have signed up for email communications from MBO. GSS does not send email spam.

    • We are not always able to respond to same-day requests. Call or text 857-242-6789 to inquire about same-day reservations. If your reservation does not appear on your MBO account, it has not been approved and you may not use the studio.

  • Your payment card will be charged 48 hours prior to your reservation.  See below for information about cancelling rentals. Effective 9/1/19, payment will be charged 72 hours in advance. 


See Your Schedule Online

We recommend checking your rental schedule periodically, to ensure that it matches your expectations exactly.

  • To see a full list your upcoming reservations, sign in with your MBO account. Select “My Info”, then “My Schedule”.

  • Rentals that have not yet been approved will show up as ‘Pending’. If your reservation appears as ‘Pending’, it has not been approved.  You may not use the studio until the ‘Pending’ no longer appears.


You can see all charges on your account under “Purchase History”. The date of the charge may vary by up to two days. Contact if you need a detailed report.

Cancelling a Reservation

Cancellations received with more than 48 hours in advance will not be charged. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice are charged in full. No exceptions. Out of respect to other artists, please cancel rentals with as much notice as possible. Effective 9/1/19, cancellation will be required 72 hours in advance to avoid charges.  


  • Go to the “My Schedule” tab on MBO, click “Cancel” link next to your reservation.  

  • GSS Staff is automatically notified when a reservation is cancelled. There is no need to email confirming your cancellation.

  • If the option to cancel does not appear next to the reservation, it means the cancellation window has passed. Email to remove the rental from your schedule. GSS does not accept other cancellations by email except in extenuating circumstances.

Studio Etiquette and Rental Policies

Green Street Studios is a non-profit community of dancers and artists. We rely on the cooperation of all to operate. Policies and basics of studio etiquette are in place to ensure that GSS remains an affordable, welcoming place for all. By submitting a rental request, you agree to comply with policies below.  


  • Renters agree to end rentals no later than the end time of their approved rental. Renters who go over their rental time will be charged $10 per minute overtime. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of rental privileges.


  • No food or drink (besides water) is allowed in any studio at any time, without previous permission from GSS. Renters in violation will be charged $50 per instance. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of rental privileges.


  • Renters agree to take with them and properly dispose of all trash, props/equipment, and clothing at the end of each rental. Renters in violation will be charged $50 per instance. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of rental privileges.


  • Renters agree to follow posted instruction regarding the Air Conditioning/Heating system. Renters in violation will be charged $100 per instance. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of rental privileges.


  • No use of lighting, soundboard, risers or other theatre equipment without prior authorization. Offense will result in suspension of rental privileges.


  • The lounge is a common, shared space. Approval of a studio rental gives renter exclusive use of studio space only.  Rehearsals, meetings and other organized activities that limit access of the lounge are not allowed without advance permission received from GSS. Repeated offenses will result in suspension of rental privileges. 

Questions or feedback? Send us an email.   

Snow Policies


Operations at GSS continue as normal during snow, including enforcement of our 72 hour cancellation policy. If the City of Cambridge declares a parking ban, we will consider exceptions to the cancellation policy. Visit the City of Cambridge Snow Center for updates. 

Classes may be cancelled due to snow if instructors cannot safely travel to the studio. Please check our class schedule for the most up-to-date information.