GSS Concerts

Several times a year, GSS will gather area artists who represent the diversity and talent in our arts scene through “Genre Specific Shared Concerts.”  Our goal is to highlight what area artists are doing in these genres and introduce existing audiences to new and exciting artists. By sharing and engaging audiences for that form, we will open doors to new patrons and facilitate dialogues that explore what we know and understand and what we do not.  All questions welcome!


Pre-concert events will demonstrate the history and contemporary progress of the form.  For audience members new to the presented form, we will provide information about what to expect in such a performance.  Open rehearsals will allow access to process, which will deepen audience understanding of the work they see. We hope these kinds of pre-concert events will invite new patrons to new forms and develop an audience of confident and articulate arts advocates across a variety of dance forms. 


Each showcase will feature 5-6 artists/companies and will run about 90 minutes.  Audiences will be invited to a post-performance artist talk back, hosted by a guest artist from another dance form.  The guest-artist will spark conversation about how their form differs from and shares with the showcased form.  How do these differences and similarities generate growth and change in all dance forms?


Green Street Studios hopes this series will provide a space where we can move beyond our initial “likes” and “dislikes” to help us better understand and more generously question the dances that we see.



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